A little purple never hurt anyone.

Posted by Ian Douglass on

So we decided it was time. It was time for purple. This isn't a Laker purple - but a Ninja Turtles kind of purple. We know you said it couldn't be done - but we did it anyways. See - at Euro Image - we live in the 90s. It may be 2010 - but we really don't care. We like the PowerGlove, Orange Crush, Neon, and 3 piece Billet wheels. We figured that it was time for this passion to be present in our site. 

So here it is! Our new - fully functional Euro Image Tuning site!  

In the future, we hope to bring you a better glimpse into what makes up Euro Image Tuning - with articles about our products, blog posts about the newest pair of kicks we cannot get out of our head, and new music we like to listen to while weeding PedoBear decals. 

The future is bright - and you don't even need 1.21 GigaWatts to access it. All you need to do is keep your browser on EuroImageTuning.com.

- The Staff

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