Changes for 2019

Posted by Ian Douglass on

With a new year comes new changes. As we are almost done with this first month of 2019, there needed to be some changes addressed and made public knowledge.

First off: We have been having on and off issues with our email system since late 2018. This unfortunately has led to many miscommunication errors on our part and we have been working on resolving any open issues as well as the issues with our email system as well. Which in turn has led to supply delays. We will be setting up a backup gmail account to use until our main accounts are 100%. If any of you reading this and have not received an email back please stay tuned for once the backup email is listed, we will more than happily help you.

Secondly; we are back to running this as a part time business, unfortunately centercaps do not pay the bills. In the second blog post about changes for 2019 I will also be releasing our new work hours, as well as typical turn around time on emails etc. Since time is limited on our part I will also be making a FAQ specifically for centercap fitment.

Lastly; until things settle on a personal level with the new full time career we will be limiting our offerings. This business has and always will be for the customers, but if I do not have the free time to run this as a 9-5, I need to focus on what I can help with.

Thank you all for your patience and support through this change.



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