BBS Custom Colored Center Caps ( 70mm )

  • $225.00

Sold in sets of 4, Custom Colored BBS Emblems.

Available in 70mm with 3 or 4 Tab Backings.

Starting with a completely blank slate, our custom molded BBS caps are the perfect canvas for any color combination imaginable!

These caps use OEM BBS backings for the best possible fit and long lasting use and abuse. We also offer a budget 70mm 3 tab that uses aftermarket backings for those looking to stick to a budget.

We have added options to make the ordering process easier; but we still require you to email us with the specific background color after you have ordered.

Basic colors - any solid (non metallic) color; such as blue, green, yellow etc.

Color matched - at this time we are only offering color matched service for factory paint codes. Please note there is no modifications that can be made to this, we cannot guarantee exact match due to aging of factory paint etc. These are matched based off of original paint mixes.

These are BUILT TO ORDER and typically take 2-3 weeks before shipment depending on color selection and how many other sets are being built at time of order. We do offer a rush service if you need them sooner (based off availability of blanks, this service is not always available.

We strive for excellence but please note that these are handmade items. With all handmade items there can be minor imperfections or inconsistencies.

We seal the cap to the base so there may be signs of silicone on the edge where these parts meet. This is done to ensure no water ruins the adhesive or paint. With these caps installed you will not see any of this silicone.